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We are Armful media. Consider us your one-stop influencer marketing agency. We are committed to helping e-Commerce businesses achieve a significant increase in brand awareness and sales. We create an unparallel edge for e-Commerce businesses in these key areas (brand awareness and sales) by connecting brands with influencers from all platforms that leverage innovative influencer marketing campaigns. This sort of leverage strategy that we adopt has seen a handful of online business brands that use our services rise from obscurity to notability; from unsatisfactory sales to an unprecedented rise in sales.

We pride ourselves on a rich base of tested influencers numbering thousands, all of whom we have worked with and we continue to work with to achieve our goals of helping brands swell in awareness and profitability. Our expertise in the business of influencer marketing proves to be very effective in helping 6-7 figure e-Commerce businesses increase brand awareness and sales.

Whatever be your e-Commerce brand niche; pet niche, gift shop, apparel, clothing, fashion items, car accessories, tech products, the list goes on. We have you covered.


We started as a social media marketing agency long before we discovered the demand for influencer marketing. We officially launched as an influencer marketing agency in 2019. Since we hit the ground running in 2019, we have to be exceptional in giving online business brands cutting-edge market visibility and profit maximization. Our mission remains clearly defined along the lines of helping business brands grow in awareness and sales. We have got just the right team of experts to execute our mission.


Our young founder learned the ropes of digital marketing when he created a Facebook page as a financial advisor with the sole aim of increasing his following. It was in the course of doing so that he figured he could offer social media marketing to brands. Fast forward today, his years of learning and perfecting various digital marketing techniques have paid off as he is now a proud founder of a fast-growing influencer marketing agency. Consistency, innovation, synergy, and leverage form the foundation upon which his influencer marketing brand stands and thrives amid stiff competition.



We are not just into the business of offering paid digital marketing services to a wide range of business brands for profit, we are also into a humanitarian. We have a selfless commitment to giving back to the community by donating 1% of our revenue to the Mangyan Tribe in the Philippines. You see, charity is part of what we do albeit we do not fancy blowing our trumpets.

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