Building Connections, Beyond Influence



Our vision of creating impact and influence for every brand began in 2019 when a business owner reached out asking about doing influencer marketing for their business. And at that moment, realizing the great opportunity of bringing brands to its customers, achieving brand awareness and sales growth, we founded Armful Media.

Our expertise in this industry has given us the opportunity to help many e-commerce brands reach every market they serve and offer their products through the voice and influence of advocates and enthusiasts by engaging, promoting, and sharing every brands’ message. Our goal is to be perceived as the one who will fill in the gap, helping e-commerce brands fix their current problems through influencer marketing.

We fill in the gap

We believe that our approach will push brands to be emotionally connected to their audience and not just a transactional way of marketing. Our approach is the additional funnel for every brand that lacks a sense of connection, value giving, and authenticity. This is true for thousands of influencers that we’ve reached out to help our clients, and we will continue to reach more.

More than the revenue, we envisioned every brand to be sustainable, recognized in their industry, and known as a brand committed to making every customer’s life better.

Armful Media can make it happen as we continuously build connections beyond influence.

To always provide optimum influencer marketing solutions at every step for ecommerce businesses and bridging the gap between their evolving challenges and to their success.
To be a top-notch and world-class influencer marketing solutions provider, empowering ecommerce businesses to help them reach their full potential.


Armful Media's founder began his career as a Financial Advisor. It was his main goal to help people while simultaneously learning about the ins and outs of Marketing. Through these experiences and based efforts of reaching more people, he was able to learn how to navigate the Digital Marketing Industry and later on offered his service to brands to scale their businesses effectively. And during this time, he was able to assist companies in their social media marketing. As a result of years of learning and fine-tuning numerous digital marketing tactics, he founded and currently owns one of the fast-growing influencer marketing agency in the industry.And even in the face of fierce competition, his influencer marketing firm thrives on committing its message of building connections beyond influence.


Armand Mañibo


Armful Media supports Community.

A strong foundation of our company is rooted in our owner’s mission. This is to help build a supportive community where everybody can help each other and ensure everyone has an equal opportunity of learning and work.

Not only do we help our partner Brands, but we are also selflessly committed to giving back to the community natives of Mangyan Tribe by donating 1% of our revenue. No matter how we look at it, charity is essential to what we do.