B2B Influencer Marketing Strategy 2024 Guide

B2B Influencer Marketing Strategy

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Want to supercharge your B2B marketing in 2024? Then you need to leverage the power of influencer marketing. This strategic approach allows you to tap into the audiences and authority of respected industry experts.

Partnering with the right B2B influencers can drive amazing results like increased brand awareness, higher quality leads, and boosted sales. Their authentic, trusted voices cut through the noise and marketing clutter.

Top B2B brands across all industries are doubling down on influencer marketing as a core marketing strategy. Software companies, cloud providers, consulting firms, and more are all running successful influencer campaigns.

In this guide, you’ll learn what B2B influencer marketing is and why it delivers such incredible ROI. If you’re ready to start benefiting from this powerful approach, keep reading!

What is B2B Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing involves partnering with influential people in your industry to promote your products or services. In the B2B world, these influencers are often thought leaders, subject matter experts, or people with a large following among your target businesses.

Companies work with B2B influencers by compensating them with money, free products/services, or by giving them a percentage of sales they generate. In return, the influencers promote the company through product mentions, reviews, social media posts, and more.

Benefits of B2B Influencer Marketing

Using influencers provides major benefits that can supercharge your B2B marketing efforts. First, it allows you to leverage someone else’s audience of potential customers. The influencer’s followers already know and trust them, so a recommendation goes a long way.

Influencer content also tends to get more engagement than branded content. Users see it as more authentic and trustworthy coming from someone neutral. Plus, influencers understand how to create engaging content that resonates with their audience.

With their help, you can increase brand awareness, drive more website traffic, generate higher quality leads, and ultimately boost sales. Done right, B2B influencer marketing delivers an excellent ROI.

Which Platforms Work Best for B2B Influencer Marketing?

The platforms you’ll want to focus on for B2B influencer marketing are different than B2C. While B2C brands often partner with influences on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, B2B has its own set of preferred channels.

LinkedIn is arguably the most important platform for B2B influencers. It’s where business professionals and decision makers spend their time networking and consuming content. Partnering with influencers who have an engaged following on LinkedIn can drive great results.

Twitter (X) is another effective channel, especially for connecting with influencers in specific industries or niches. Many top B2B marketers, executives, journalists, and thought leaders are highly active on Twitter.

Other platforms like Facebook, online communities, and podcasts can work well too. It depends on where your target audience engages with influencer content.

B2B Influencer Marketing Examples

To get a better sense of B2B influencer marketing in action, let’s look at some examples:

Software company Hubspot partners with marketing influencers like Ann Handley to create guest post content and co-promotions. This exposes HubSpot’s products to Ann’s massive following of marketers.

Cloud computing provider VMWare works with high-profile IT influencers to collaborate on things like webinars, ebooks, product launches and more. This generates awareness for their brand.

Accounting firm EY (Ernst & Young) has an “Influencer Activation Program” where they work with financial influencers on content creation campaigns to reach prospective customers.

These are just a few examples, but top B2B brands across all industries leverage this powerful strategy.

Finding Influencers for Your Campaign

Once you decide to launch a B2B influencer marketing program, the first step is finding the right influencers to work with. You’ll want to identify people who:

  • Are respected experts in your industry
  • Have an audience that aligns with your target customers
  • Create high-quality, engaging content
  • Have an active social media presence
  • Have a track record of successful influencer partnerships


There are a few ways to discover potential B2B influencers. Social media is a great source – look at who has large followings of your target audience on LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. You can also use influencer marketing tools like BuzzSumo to search for top influencers by topic or keyword.

Check out industry conferences and events to see who the prominent speakers are. And don’t forget to audit your existing followers – you may find influential people already engaging with your brand.

How to Create an Influencer Marketing Program

After identifying influencers, it's time to start planning your B2B influencer marketing program. Here are some tips:

  1. Set clear goals upfront – decide if you want to increase brand awareness, drive leads, boost sales, etc. This guides your strategy.

  2. Establish your budget for paying influencers through cash, free products/services, commission, or a mix.

  3. Create detailed influencer guidelines and deliverables so everyone is on the same page. Specify things like content topic, tone, message, deadlines, etc.

  4. Develop a plan for cross-promoting the influencer content through your own marketing channels to amplify its reach.

  5. Have a system for tracking and measuring the performance of your influencer campaigns through metrics like engagement, traffic, leads, sales, etc.

  6. Following a structured approach will maximize the ROI from your B2B influencer efforts.

Add Influencer Marketing to Your B2B Content Strategy

For maximum impact, you’ll want to integrate influencer marketing with your overall B2B content marketing strategy. Influencers can play a key role in virtually every stage of the buyer’s journey.

At the top of the funnel for driving brand awareness, you can collaborate with influencers on social media campaigns, guest blog posts, webinars, podcasts, and more. Their established audiences will get exposed to your brand.

In the middle of the funnel for lead generation, influencers can create in-depth guide content, industry research reports, product reviews/comparisons, and other assets that educate prospective buyers.

Further down the funnel for lead nurturing and sales enablement, influencers could participate in product launch campaigns, create customer testimonials/case studies, or offer prospecting advice to your sales team.

The key is mapping out workflows for working with influencers at each stage based on your marketing goals and the buying process for your product/service.


B2B influencer marketing has become a must-use strategy for driving real business growth. When executed properly, it allows you to leverage the authority and audiences of industry experts.

To succeed with B2B influencer marketing, identify the right influencers. Promote content heavily through your marketing channels.

Integrate influencers throughout your entire marketing funnel – from building initial awareness to generating qualified leads and enabling sales. Measure your results closely using metrics that matter to your business.

While it requires an investment of time and resources, a well-run B2B influencer program delivers measurable ROI. So start building your influencer network and get your brand benefiting from this powerful marketing approach.

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