find instagram influencers 2021

How To Find Instagram Influencers 2021 (Free Tips)

In this 21st century, getting an Instagram influencer for your business is no longer a "want" but a "need" for a thriving business. Instagram

find instagram influencers 2021

Armful Media | find Instagram influencers 2021

In 2021, finding the perfect Instagram influencer for your business is no longer a “want” but a “need” for a thriving business. Instagram may not be the largest social media platform but it has a huge marketing impact on goods and services advertised. It has a high engagement rate when it comes to social media influencing.

      As Instagram continues to grow, it is necessary to leverage this opportunity for your business. One way to do that is by making use of Instagram Influencers to market and grow your brand. Let’s examine ways of finding the right Instagram Influencers for your brand.

  • Identify your needs and the type of Instagram Influencers that fit into them.

There are different Instagram Influencers with different niches like fashion, beauty, real estate, baby care, and so on. You should identify what type of Instagram Influencer you need by evaluating your needs. Your needs could be;
a. Boosting sales
b. Increasing brand awareness
c. Launching a new product.
         Identifying your needs would help you to set your metric for your brand marketing right. This will also help you to decide what type of Instagram Influencer you need.

  • Google top Instagram Influencers for your brand.

Google is a place where you can search for answers. Let’s say you are in the fashion niche; You can start by typing “top Instagram fashion Influencers”. There are lots of articles on Google that point out Instagram Influencer in your niche.
    Also, you can navigate the advanced search aspect of Google where you can narrow down your search to region, niche, metrics, and so on. Pay close attention to the Instagram influencer’s handle so you can choose the one that’s best for your brand.

  • Make use of Keywords.

   Keywords for searching for Instagram Influencers are like keywords for SEO writings. You can make use of major keywords for your business or brand to search for famous bloggers that use the same keywords. These bloggers on the net or YouTube have active Instagram pages that you can make use of for marketing your brand.

You still have to make sure that the Instagram page is active and engaged before proceeding.

  • Search for Instagram Influencers on the pages of related brand niches.

       There are famous brands in your niche that have been around for a long time. You can browse through their Instagram pages for Instagram Influencers in your niche. Click on their Instagram handles and check for engagements and posts if it goes with the values you uphold in your brand.

You can also check for tagged Instagram handles on the influencer’s account. It is the custom of Instagram Influencers to tag the brand they work with.

  • Consult with an Instagram Influencer platform.

      There are lots of platforms on the web that can help you with finding the right Instagram Influencers. Unlike Google where you have to go through hundreds of searches and reviews, these platforms do the hard work for you. You can get information like demographics on each Instagram Influencer in your niche.
Some of these platforms even help you to track the impact of the influencer and their engagement rates. You can even pay them with these platforms.
Examples of these platforms include;
a. Social blade
b. Up fluence
c. Tap influence
d. Tribe
e. Hype tap and so on.

  • Use relevant hashtags for your brand.

There are lots of hashtags on Instagram. You should try to filter these hashtags to specific ones, this will help you to narrow down to the Instagram Influencers behind their hashtags. As you search for Instagram Influencers using hashtags, there are two things you should consider;
a. The Instagram Accounts that make use of these hashtags.
b. The number of followers and engagement on these accounts and how it can benefit your brand or business.

Don’t forget to dig deep into these hashtags. Look out for #sponsored or #ad to spot the influencers amongst the hashtags.

  • Focus on Micro Instagram Influencers.

       This set of influencers are the most underrated in the marketing game. Unlike Major Influencers, micro-Influencers mostly follow up on your brand. They pay attention to little details and appeal to more people than major Influencers. Micro-influencers gain their followers through good content and expertise so they tend to have more engagements than major Influencers or celebrities.

  • Get more Instagram Influencers from existing Influencers.

While going through the account of an Instagram Influencer that suits your brand, you can search for more Influencers from the page. Instagram Influencers tend to keep track of the activities of bigger Influencers in their niche. It’s easy to track them all from one Influencer account.


Making use of Instagram Influencers for your business or brand this 2021 is the right way to get people to notice and engage your products or services. You should have your end goals outlined and share them with your influencer to help achieve them.





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