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Outstanding Results from Boshel Amazon Store Case Study

Boshel Pet Care brand did it! It struck gold with an amazing influencer marketing campaign. The brand is already a familiar name among pet parents in US. They are special, and pet owners know it. 

Boshel: A pet-care brand with a mission

The brand began its journey after its owners had a eureka moment. A new furry member was added to the family. It was then that they realized that traditional pet grooming products were not enough! No one seemed to think from the point of view of the pets. An overall casual approach seemed to be too obvious! Besides, there were design flaws literally everywhere! So, Boshel decided to intervene and take matters into their own hands. As a result, they developed an inventory of amazing products that care truly for pets. 

Influencer marketing case study

The results were outstanding when a top influencer marketing service came into action! 

The initiative focused on creating the perfect seeding campaign with influencers. First, we focused on working with micro-influencers in the US pet care niche. 


In return, the influencers create content and share it on their social media account. Instagram was chosen as the priority platform, but other social platforms such as Facebook and TikTok were also taken into consideration. 

The photos showed the pets along with the products. This was intended to create a powerful real-world impact on other pet parents. The campaign focused on generating influencer-generated content that can be used for marketing efforts.

The marketing team pursued a strategy of posting twice per day, with IG posts linked to the Boshel Amazon account. Besides, the metrics from Amazon insights helped derive tangible data on the campaign’s success over time.

In addition, redirecting new users to Amazon also opened up the scope to obtain genuine user reviews on the e-commerce platform. Most new buyers depend on reviews to get a taste of the product beforehand. Most of all, the influencer marketing campaign made use of the latest Amazon Posts feature, and with great results. 

Amazon Posts is a relatively new feature. It is practically the exclusive social media alternative for e-commerce. Sellers can now share ‘posts’ on the branded products and other product-related content in a ‘news feed’ similar to other socials. New customers would be able to scroll through the feed and click on the posts to access the product details page. As of now, this feature is only available for US vendors. Also, the posts are accessible solely via Amazon mobile app or when you check out Amazon on a mobile browser. 


Each post has five key aspects. First, it displays the brand name and logo. Then, there is the product image. Also, there is a ‘show product’ button. This button reveals a mini-card with product details. Clicking on the card takes you directly to the product listing. Also, you can add a product caption. It’s quite spacious, allowing up to 2200 characters. However, only the first two lines will show up by default. Finally, there is a section below where Amazon displays relevant product tags. Clicking on these tags takes users to a feed of posts under the same tag. 

This free feature was used to generate brand awareness. It delivered significant traction in raising visibility for the campaign. The only downside of posts seemed to be that sellers won’t be able to decide where the posts would appear on Amazon. But, this didn’t pose any problem in making the campaign successful. 

Results from the latest influencer campaign

The results speak for themselves. The Amazon insights page charted in the date range of June 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021, showed no activity at all. There were no viewable impressions, engagements, or product clicks. It was totally blank. 

However, after initiating the campaign, the same page became rife with major activity. They charted the date range of July 1, 2021, to February 28, 2022. Here are the results.

Viewable impressions: 322,735 

Engagement: 6,661 

Product clicks: 1,561  

The benefits of influencer marketing are quite obvious from these stats. There are no dearths of micro-influencers in the world of IG. It’s a win-win deal! The influencers get to improve their endorsement portfolio, and the brand benefits from the engagement. The secret of success is to focus on creating good content and promoting it via the right channels. 

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