How Bee Kind Achieved 8% Conversion Rate with Influencer Marketing


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Campaign Goal

Brand Awareness

Bee Kind, or be kind? If you are wondering, bee kind is a one-of-a-kind online jewelry shop. They have this amazing collection of jewelry themed on the bee lifestyle.

These little artsy pieces will make you want to say to your beau, “honey, I have a surprise for you!” Can you feel the “I love you baby” necklace? Here’s another one that glows with, “you are my sunshine!”

The accessories are in the lustrous golden color of honeydew and bright yellow of sunflowers. A bunch of little metal bees carries these messages, the fragrance of love from one heart-flower to another. It’s lovely!

A gift shop with a heart

If anything, Bee Kind has heart. The purpose of creating this shop was to help in protecting bee colonies all over the world. Due to pollution, bee colonies face an existential threat these days. This is bad news as bees are primary pollinators of nature.

Therefore, the Bee Kind shop joined hands with the pollinator partnership and other non-profit organizations. In effect, a given portion from each purchase goes towards sustaining bee colonies all over the world. Not only that, 100% eco-friendly materials are used to create beautiful accessories.

Besides, they remain highly dedicated to the authenticity and quality of their products. Authorized personnel inspects every single item in detail before dispatching them to your address.

The Bee Kind shop decided to go big. Online stores live by promotions because the internet can be a rather amnesiac space. The digital domain is the single biggest marketplace in the world, with literally millions of competitors across niches.

Store owners need to drive home an impactful brand awareness, no matter what! Otherwise, you risk your store’s banishment into an obscure corner of the internet. With this motto in mind, the store opted for an influencer marketing campaign, first on Instagram and then on TikTok.

Besides, it fits well with their ongoing marketing strategy involving paid ads and email marketing. They were also continuing with organic marketing via social media. The results were outstanding. Here’s how they scripted this amazing success story.

The influencer marketing campaign

The campaign primarily focused on Instagram influencers. This is because Insta remains to be the most popular platform for influencers. Besides, a majority of the target market was found to be using this photo-sharing social media. It’s trendy, attractive, and mobile-friendly, all the more reasons to be of practical use for such a campaign.

A final list of influencers was made based on their social media presence. Most of them were lifestyle influencers in the fashion and accessories niche, as this suited the brand. The influencers were requested to generate organic content supporting the brand. The location targeted was the United States and Canada, these being the prime markets for the brand.

All key themes were explored, including the aesthetic value of the accessories, the eco-friendly aspect, and the contribution towards saving the bees. The content types were in-feed posts and stories. The job was undertaken via a team of handpicked micro-influencers as it helped to keep the campaign costs within budget..

The results spoke for themselves! The brand was able to achieve a conversion rate of 8% from influencer marketing. It was a much higher conversion rate than the average rate of 2.55% as registered vide the standard marketing efforts.

Also running an affiliate campaign

The campaign was unique even for the project managers. This is because it was the first time an affiliate marketing campaign was managed through influencers. The 9% conversion rate was achieved in the very first month of the campaign. An affiliate tracking tool called Goaffpro was used to measure the conversion. This incredible tool helped measure the full picture of conversion.

It not only tracked sales from discount codes but also via the UTM links. This data-driven approach was very important because marketers now knew exactly how successful the campaign had been. It also paved the foundation for running similar data-driven combo harvests in the future.


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