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Family Gifts Co. is beautiful! Not all family businesses are true to the spirit of joy. Buying from them becomes a mere exercise of profit. But, Family Gifts Co. is vibrant with the happiness that loved ones share. In fact, this is the reason why they are so successful as well!

Their recent Instagram campaign was massive. To put in numbers, top influencers brought in over $10,000 in sales from a single post! Such a milestone campaign proves beyond a doubt how effective the Insta user ecosystem can be. This article should serve as an inspiration to all similar businesses trying to reach their target audience quickly.

This is how they did it.

The campaign challenge

The campaign consisted of several key challenges. The first priority was to generate brand awareness. Of course, their amazing website was a major plus.

The bright white website works as an instant charm. With this groundwork done, connecting with the right audience was just a matter of time. Rather, it was a matter of finding the right influencers. The campaign managers handled this extremely well

The company already had a robust marketing strategy consisting of paid ads and email marketing. These methods were working quite well. Nonetheless, the company wanted to try influencer marketing as an additional source of revenue.

The entire campaign

The Instagram campaign was a roaring success. Hiring a competent marketing agency did the job. First, a campaign brief was outlined to give influencers clear direction on how they are going to create and post content that is aligned with the campaign goals. This includes the brand voice, type of content, hashtags to use, discount codes/links they can share. 

 After that, they started building a list of influencers in the family niche. They reached out to all the moms and dads on a daily basis.

The strategy adopted prioritized organic in-feed posts. The campaign involved gifted collaborations to minimize the costs. An assortment of free products was sent out to selected people. In exchange, they agreed to create a post along with permission to share it on social media. Furthermore, they also consented to let the company use the content from influencers for paid ads.

In a span of 1 year, 200 micro-influencers based in the US agreed to collaborate. Each of them received unique discount codes for their audience. These served as effective tracking codes, besides having buyers feel good about the slashed price. Instagram served as the platform of choice because it happens to be a hotspot for the target market.

In total, 200 posts generated 200,000 USD worth of sales! Given the minimal cost of the campaign, the returns were simply phenomenal! This piece of information proves beyond doubt the formidable utility of an Instagram influencer campaign

Why should you go for a micro-influencer campaign?

Contrary to popular ideas, you do not have to shell out thousands to macro-influencers. Instead, a good campaign with micro-influencers can be done at a minimal cost. All you have to do is to find a credible marketing partner that can connect you with a network of interested Instagram users. The ROI from an effective campaign offsets all marketing costs more than many times over. Besides, it creates amazing brand awareness, which is vital for business growth. Furthermore, you can apply geo-location targeting to reach out to the right audience. It attracts valuable top-of-the-funnel traffic and sales, measurable in performance-based models like CPA.

Influencer marketing is often so successful because it relies on genuine content created by actual users, and not some graphic design service. Not only the posts themselves but also the product review accompanying it goes a long way to generate brand value. This trusted originality automatically attracts authentic social interaction. Therefore, it leverages the power of social media to create a cult-like user base. Finally, the granular audience insight harvested by influencer marketing campaigns is critical to formulating further marketing strategies.

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