Curious How Much Youtuber Earns? Find Out the Answer here!

The profession of being a YouTuber is increasingly in demand by many people. There are even 1000+ YouTube channels that have one million subscribers. This shows that the YouTuber profession is growing rapidly and promising, right?

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how much do youtubers get paid

In this article, we will describe the details of Youtuber 2021 earnings and their sources of income. We will also tell you how to calculate YouTuber earnings so that later you can calculate your channel profits.

Curious, right? Immediately following the explanation!

How to Calculate YouTuber Earnings from AdSense?

The main income for YouTubers is obtained from YouTube AdSense. Simply put, Adsense is an advertising program from Google that allows channel owners to get paid for the ads displayed.

Then, after seeing the salaries of the YouTubers earlier, you might be wondering how to calculate the YouTubers income?

Well, here is the calculation system:

  • Rates per ad click or audience watching the ad until the end is 0.10 – 0.30 dollars, an average of 0.18 dollars.
  • Tariffs are usually paid per 1000 ad impressions or so-called cost per mile (CPM).
  • Google will pay 68 percent of AdSense revenue to publishers.

To make it easier to understand the calculation, let’s look at the following illustration of the story:

Assume that in 1000 ad impressions there must be 15% or 150 audiences who watch the ad for more than 30 seconds or until it’s finished.

With 0.18 dollars per view, means in 1000 views advertisers have to pay 27 dollars (0.18 x 150 people) to Google. Well, 68% of the 27 dollars will be channeled to publishers.

That’s just one ad in one video, imagine if you have a lot of videos with fantastic views. Not surprisingly, the income of Famous YouTubers can reach hundreds of millions every month.

Curious How Much Youtuber Earns

Where does YouTubers' income come from?

The coffers of YouTuber income are not only from AdSense! There are many other sources of income that are also promising. What is it about? Let’s see the following description!

1. YouTube AdSense

As previously explained, Youtuber’s main source of income is youtube adsense. However, what kind of detailed explanation?

YouTube AdSense is an advertising program that allows you to earn commissions from installing YouTube Ads displayed on your channel.

The commission given will be calculated based on the number of views of the ad on your video. We have discussed how to calculate it previously.

Well, To get revenue from YouTube AdSense, several terms and policies must be met. For example, a YouTube channel has reached 4000 watch hours in one year, has 1000 subscribers, and is connected to Google AdSense.

Of course, to get that number of viewers, you need to create interesting and consistent YouTube video content.

2. Affiliate Marketing

How to get money from YouTube is not only through AdSense, another source of income is by joining affiliate programs or affiliate marketing.

Affiliate programs are programs that allow you to earn commissions if you succeed in getting other people to use a product. The commissions given may vary depending on the policies of the company or brand that you follow.

For example, Amazon offers a 10 percent commission, while Niagahoster provides a 70 percent commission on the product price.

After signing up for the affiliate program, you will get a referral code or banner link to promote on Youtube. If a customer buys a product with this code, you will earn a commission.

3. Endorsement

You may already be familiar with the term endorsement, right? Influencers usually get endorsements from products that match their personas.

Well, Your Youtube channel will also get endorsements from products that match the contents of your YouTube channel video. For example, your YouTube channel is about cooking, you have the opportunity to get endorsements from cooking and eating utensils products.

The rates you set for YouTube endorsed videos also vary, depending on the number of subscribers and your account engagement.

4. Sales of Products or Services

Another source of income for YouTubers is through the sale of their products or services. For example, if you have an online business, you can simultaneously promote products through your YouTube channel.

This method has been used by artists who use their YouTube channels to sell their brands. This artist also often wears and promotes products on his YouTube videos.


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