How To Find The Right Influencer For Your Niche

How To Find The Right Influencer For Your Niche

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In the world today, many business owners, project directors and product managers, often engage with influencers in order to boost their online engagement, to create a digital community or for the promotion of their various enterprises. This is because industries have soon come to realize the importance, vitality and opportunities that come with engaging with proper business influencing.

With the continuous innovation in technology especially in the aspect of social media, a large number of industries now meticulously engage with their beneficiaries through the internet. This is because admist all other aspects, they have been able to take advantage of weapon of influencing which no doubt has yielded multiple returns, and often led to growth in the revenue for the company. 


Read along as I talk you through, various aspects of influencing that every aspiring executive director, CEO, or manager should be knowledgeable about, when considering to have a successful business.

Finding The Right Influencer For Your Niche

It is necessary to know that getting an influencer for your brand or community, is not just about making sales or for the popularity of your brand. First, business owners or managers must know that employing an influencer is an investment that might or might not yield returns, depending on the decisions you consider when getting one.

Below are 6 important tips on things to consider when finding the right advocate for your niche:

#Tip 1: Your Target Audience

Influencers vary depending on the type of thing you want to promote. Never mistake a business influencer with a corporate influencer. This is because they serve different purposes and are also exposed to a different audience. For example, an advocate for sales in marketing will not serve your purpose if you seek to extend a paid invitation to an environmentalist summit.

#Tip 2: The Buying Capacity Of The Influencer

This is very key to the aspect of considering an influencer, because some influencers are not really influencers. This is because some of them lack any tangible conversion and engagement rate. All they have to offer are just metrics. These types of influencers are considered invalid. So, brand owners, watch out!

#Tip 3: Influencers' Location

Very many brands make the mistake of employing an influencer that doesn’t cover the disitrc of your business. It is very advisable that your influencer should be one that can attract an audience that is easily accessible for your business. Luxury brand or not, your expenses can be cut when there is no transportation burden on the industry or the customers as well.

#Tip 4: Age Range

Though not often considered, it is very important. The essence of this is to avoid misinformation of your product. If your product serves the needs of a younger generation, it is advisable that you employ a young influencer and the same applies for the older generation. This is to ensure that the serving purpose of the company is met.

#Tip 5: The Purchasing Power Of The Influencer

This is necessary when analysing the conversation rate of your industry. The calibre of people in the space of your influencer could be a determinant of your product price, product package, and other things to name but a few. This is because it will help in proposing the possible returns for your business.

#Tip 6: Industrys' Goal

Depending on the goal of the industry, influencers vary. Not every influencer is for the purpose of promoting sales. Some could just serve as advocates and ambassadors. This is why before considering any influencer, the goal the company is willing to achieve is a dominant factor in employing the right influencer.

Why Are Influencers Necessary?

Every influencer serves as an ambassador or advocate of whatever you are into. The point is that, influencers play a very important role in the promotion of your business or brand

One major importance of influencers is that they help to boost your brands’ visibility. This means that they are employed to publicize your brand to a larger community that you can reach. Beyond your local audience, influencers broaden the demography of your business. 

In addition, these wider communities can create an avenue for increase in sales and thereby leading to a growth in the company’s conversation rate. This in turn can lead to internal growth for the industry, as a rise in demand leads to an increase in price and in turn leads to an increase gain in the internal revenue considering the fact that the cost of production is stable.

Undoubtedly, influencers give brands the opportunity to leverage on their networks. These networks most times lead to a wider community for these brands. With this, businesses stand the chance of using this community to promote their brands even when they least expect it.

In essence, business owners are encouraged to use an influencer that can provide you a continuous engagement through his or her audience.

4 Best Options To Consider When Finding An Influencer For Your Brand

Influencer Marketing Platform

Platforms that serves as markets for influencers usually serve as a better way for measuring metrics, conversion rate and other important factors for choosing the right influencer. One is opportune to access various options of clients. Indeed, this makes the selective process much easier.

Social Media/Engagement Capacity

One can easily track a proposed client through social media. Following the rate of engagements through comments and likes can help business owners track the capacity of the proposed influencer. However, one should be careful not to be fooled by numbers.

Referrals Through Hashtags

Sometimes, hashtags serve as a way of increasing the visibility of proven influencers. This can in turn serve as a way by which brands can leverage on these referral sites to choose an influencer for their niche. More than that, hashtags, gives the impression that the sought influencer can be couched for.

Price Range/Type Of The Influencers

Depending on the size of one’s brand or business, the type of influencer varies. Due to the fact that the cost of influencing varies across the board, it is expedient that a brand puts its budget  into consideration in order to be cost effective when deciding which influence to employ.

4 Major Mistakes To Avoid, When Choosing An Influencer

High Metrics Don't Equate To Good Influencing

It is appropriate to enlighten you that some influencers make purchase numbers in order to prove to be worthy of a task that they are not. These figures could be misleading and should not be solely relied upon. Rather one should check for the engagement and the turn up of the influencer.

Not All Influencers Are Able To Convince A Large Number Of People

Looking through your proposed brand ambassadors’ portfolio makes the selection process much more valid. This is because you need to ensure that the influencer is capable of attracting and retaining your target audience.

Not Picking An Influencer That Is In Line With Your Niche

The fact that someone is popular and that the person works for a number of brands, doesn’t mean the person is the right one for you. Employing an influencer that does not relate with the content, goal and objective of your brand is a very bad idea. This selection is up to you, the brand owner. Preferably have an interview with the proposed client before employment. 

An Influencer That Lacks Connection With Her Audience

Some people do not understand the process of managing a community. Influence in different spheres of life is not just about sales. One should look out for clients’ styles of communication, people management and engagement. These could be done in different ways that include language, dressing, music. The main purpose is having that connection with the target audience.


Does Every Business Need An Influencer?

It is important to note that not every business owner makes use of influencers for their business. The need of an influencer largely depends on your target audience and your sales goal. This is why factors like business target, business aim etc are put into consideration when choosing an influencer.

Should Gender Be Considered When Looking For An Influencer?

This largely depends on the kind of product produced and the kind of gender put into consideration. For example, gender will of no doubt be considered when looking for a brand ambassador for Sanitary towels and beard oil. On the other hand, for cases like that of conferences, shows, edibles, hoodies, etc, any gender can play the influencing role.

Is It Advisable To Get More Than 1 Influence For Your Niche?

Employing more than one influencer for your brand isn’t a problem considering the fact that they can achieve the goal you want. Most times, this idea works in cases where one tries to reach multiple people across different spheres of life.

Should Influencers Be Used For Long Or Short Term Goals?

Some influencers are used for long term goals while some are used for short term goals. Not all brand ambassadors have equal power. This largely depends on the kind of contact signed and the kind of goal sought to achieve, along with the specific price and time negotiated.


To conclude this write up, it is important to note that the use of influencers has its pros and cons. It is therefore knowledgeable that every business owner ensures to put the right terms and assumptions in place when considering a brand influencer. 


However, I believe with the help of this essay, one can be rest assured to employ the best in the market when considering, increase in online visibility and sales.

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