TikTok Analytics: A Beginner’s Guide

TikTok Analytics A Beginner's Guide

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TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps in the world at the moment. Currently, it boasts of over 1 billion active users worldwide. Making the most of your presence on the app requires an understanding of its very important metrics, given its massive viewership.

TikTok Analytics offers you a chance to see how users engage with their content, the type of content that gets more traffic, and other metrics that can help promote your page such as growth rate, age, and gender demographics.

This guide will give you a breakdown of how you can access your Tiktok Analytics and help you understand what Tiktok Analytics is about.

What Is Tiktok Analytics?

Simply put, Tiktok Analytics refers to the data obtained from content posted by a creator to help them keep track of their performance over time. This includes metrics such as comments, views, likes, and reposts among others.

 All you need to access your TikTok Analytics is the TikTok App and a functioning account.

How To Access TikTok Analytics?

To access TikTok Analytics on your phone, you’ll need to create or post a public video first. After doing this, you can easily check your stats by following these simple steps.

1. When you open your TikTok App, click on the profile icon in the bottom right corner.

Access Tiktok Analytics 1

3. Click on the menu button which is represented by three horizontal lines placed in the top right corner

Access Tiktok Analytics 2

3. Select "Creator Tools"

After doing all these, you’ll be taken to the page below, and from there you can see various stats for your content. However, it is important to note that you can only see some of these metrics if you have over 100 followers.

Access Tiktok Analytics 3

The Analytics page is divided into four sections which are Overview, Content, Followers, and Live. Under these sections, we have different metrics and they’ll be explained in detail.

TikTok Insights And Metrics To Monitor

1. Overview Analytics

The Overview section shows you information about the number of times your video has been viewed, the number of followers you have and may have gained or lost, and also the number of people who have viewed your profile. This section usually shows data within 7 days, but you can change it to 28 days if you want to analyze your performance over a longer period.

1.Views: This is the number of times a video has been played. A view on TikTok is counted when the video has been played for more than three seconds. The more reposts or shares a video gets, the wider the audience it reaches. The view section in the analytics bar consists of other metrics like average watch time and number of times played.

2.Followers: This shows you the total number of people who follow your account. You can check your follower graph in the past week or month to see the pace at which your account is growing.

3.Profile Views: This shows you the number of times your page was viewed over a certain period. It shows you the amount of people who found your content amusing enough to check out your page. This could increase your follower count if the viewers like your other content.

4.Comments: The comment section is one of the most important part of TikTok. It allows you to see viewer’s opinions on your content and also engage with your audience which boosts interaction on your videos and also helps in building a loyal following. You can also get insights on what your followers want from the comments.

5.Shares: On TikTok, getting a lot of repost viewers could give your content a significant boost, and consequently, your page could also get wider reach and more followers because it means a lot of people find your content relatable enough to want to share with others.

6.Likes: If your video gets a lot of likes, it means your content is doing well and is appreciated by your audience. TikTok Algorithm gives a boost to videos with more likes

2. Content Analytics

This section gives you an insight into the type of videos your followers engage with the most, the performance of your videos, and your most popular content.

1.Video Posts: This metric shows you the total number of hours users have spent on your video, the total number of views you have, and your average watch time. The average watch time shows the average number of minutes viewers spend on your videos. If your average watch time is low, it means your content is not engaging enough and you might want to work on that.

2.Trending Videos: This section shows you which of your videos have been the most popular for 7 days and the number of views those videos have gotten.

3. Follower Analytics

This section helps you understand your audience better and tailor your content according to their needs. It includes stats like the age, gender, and location of your followers.

1.Gender: TikTok Analytics shows you what percentage of your followers belong to a particular gender.

2.Followers: This shows you the number of followers you have and also if you’re adding more followers or losing followers.

3.Follower Activity: This gives you info about the time your followers are more active and the times they’re not, so you know the right time to make a post.

4.Top Territories: This shows you the countries where your content is most popular.

4. Live Analytics

This section shows stats about your live session videos.

Access Tiktok Analytics 7

1.Total Views: This is the total number of views you get on your live videos.

2.New Followers: This section shows you the number of followers you may have gained during your live sessions.

3.Total Time: This is the total amount of time users have spent with you on your live sessions.

Benefits Of Using TikTok Analytics

  • Identifying Top Performing Content: By checking and analyzing metrics such as likes, comments, growth rate, etc., you get an insight into what your audience wants and what they don’t. Also, it can help you identify viral trends which allow you to capitalize on them and increase your reach.
  • Tracking Account Performance: Among the many advantages of TikTok Analytics is that it allows you to keep track of your account’s performance over time. This allows you as a creator to see what works and what doesn’t thereby allowing you to be more strategic in creating content.
  • Monitoring Competitors: TikTok Analytics also helps in keeping a tab on your competitors. You can see how content from various creators in your niche performs and use this information to refine your content and have an edge over your competitors.
  • Business Branding And Advertising: Most people think TikTok is just an app for fun and entertainment, but that’s not the case. At least, not always. TikTok is also one of the major apps businesses use in advertising and building their brand.

With over a billion users worldwide, the reach your business can get is massive. This presents business brands with an opportunity to reach a wide and diverse audience, engage with potential customers, and leave a footprint in the digital world.

How Tiktok Analytics Could Be Helpful For Your Business?

  • Understanding Your Audience Demographics:  TikTok Analytics provides you with information about the demographics of your followers which includes their age, gender, and location. This information can help your business know how to tailor your content to your follower’s needs and it can also inform you of the trends to follow to get more visibility and influencers you can work with to promote your brand.
  • Establishing A Connection With Your Target Audience: The TikTok algorithm allows you to connect with people in the same niche which means your business gets to reach an audience who need your services. This can prove to be very helpful because it brings you closer to potential customers.
  • Optimizing Performance:  TikTok Analytics keeps track of the performance of all content you post. This allows you to analyze your videos and figureout which ones your audience finds more appealing, so you can repeat the success and stay on an upward trajectory.


1. How Can Tiktok Analytics Help Me Improve My Content Strategy?

TikTok Analytics helps you identify and understand your audience better by showing you your top-performing content and the type of people who view your content. This allows you to optimize your content for better engagement.

2. Is Tiktok Analytics Only For Businesses?

The answer to this is no. TikTok Analytics is open to both businesses and individuals and can be accessed on all accounts.

3. Do I Need A Particular Number Of Followers To Access Tiktok Analytics?

Basically, analytics such as the number of views, likes and comments are available to everyone on TikTok, but you can only access some metrics like average watch time if you have over 100 followers.

4. Do You Need To Pay To Use TikTok Analytics?

No, TikTok Analytics is totally free and it’s available to all TikTok users.

5. What Are The Metrics Available In Tiktok Analytics?

TikTok Analytics provides various metrics such as average watch time, follower demographics, account growth rate, and follow count among others.


TikTok Analytics is a very helpful tool because it allows you to track your performance over time and take note of the areas where you have to make changes to get better visibility and response from your audience. It allows you to get more information about your audience and in doing so, a chance to optimize your content and give your account a significant boost.

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