How Boshel Fetched Hundreds of New Customers for its Amazon Store


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Campaign Goal

Brand Awareness

Boshel is a brand with a difference. Owned by empathetic pet parents, their Amazon store has some of the best pet care products. Their brand philosophy is simple. Don’t take pet care products for granted!

Only the best for the best friends

The idea of opening a pet care store came up when Boshel owners realized how difficult it is to get a good product. This was despite the fact that the pet care segment at Amazon features more than 60,000 products! As picky pet parents, it was a frustrating scenario. They thought to themselves, how can these big brands make such ill-conceived products?

For example, most of the available travel water bottles for dogs had separate drinking areas and containers. Some of them went for the nozzle, even abandoning the drinking tray. These ergonomic flaws were so frustrating that Boshel decided to intervene. They went ahead, redesigned traditional products, and set up an Amazon store.

Little by little, sales started to trickle in. But it was not enough. 90 million US households are pet families. In 2020, the pet care industry market size was well over 100 billion USD!

It seemed plain wrong! Despite so much consumer spending, big brands simply did not seem to care about creating better products. Besides, millions of dogs and cats had to put up with these faulty products every day!

So, Boshel owners conceived the best plan they could. They decided to team up with pet influencers on Instagram.

The results were amazing. They were able to sell hundreds of products very fast. In fact, their website inventory soon went out of stock within a few days of the campaign.

They found a reliable marketing partner

The first challenge was to find the best influencers. So, they got in touch with one of the best influencer campaign managers in the market. The agency started with an initial list of as many as 8,000 Instagram influencers in the US. They finally settled with 240 micro-influencers in the pet care niche.


One of the first things the agency did was to assess the marketing strategy of Boshel. They found that the brand focused almost exclusively on Amazon. Also, they were relying only on Amazon ads for sales. So, the goal of the campaign was to drive more traffic towards their Amazon store. In addition, Boshel lacked user-generated content. It was also a major issue that needed an immediate solution. Above all, they had no social media presence.

Careful planning went into setting the campaign particulars. The final decision was to go with in-feed posts on Instagram. Finally, Boshel sought opinions from influencers about their products. Based on their response, pet parents received the selected items. The Boshel Instagram page also came up, and influencers received the hashtag instructions.

Soon enough, the influencer posts of the pets came up for all to see. The fur babies did what they do best! They posed for the camera, this time with Boshel products.

The photos struck a chord! The brand reported as many as 333 direct sales! Boshel was also able to raise a lot of brand awareness. Their Amazon store recorded a rapid increase in traffic.


Number of Influencers Found: 8000

Worked with: 240 Influencers


Takeaways from influencer marketing

It is a win-win situation. The budget can be extremely flexible. You can choose from micro-influencers, macro-influencers, and A-list celebrities. It gets you directly in touch with your target audience, that too with amazing results.

It does a great job at creating awareness. Most importantly, you might make loyal customers very fast. Your brand stays on the radar, and obviously, influencers are happy to promote you.

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