A Guide On How To Write An Influencer Marketing Brief

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With the current lucrativeness of proper influencer marketing, writing an excellent influencer marketing brief remains the only tool your brand(s) needs to attract and win the right influencer. Without a clear and leading marketing brief, your business proposal stays vague and prevents you from gaining the interest of a good influencer marketer.

If you are still wondering why a guide on writing influencer marketing is so important, you should know that studies show that influencer marketing will grow by over $ 13 billion in 2021. If you have been skeptical about this form of marketing, this should be enough reason to reconsider your stance. 

To start off right with influencer marketing, you need a clear influencer marketing brief that will help streamline your business’s day-to-day operation and develop a standard campaign that works. Additionally, you will find and attract the interest(s) of reputable influencers when your marketing brief is self-explanatory, well-captured, and clear. 

With all these benefits, writing an upbeat influencer marketing brief just became easy, and all you need to get right with the work is below. 

For anyone desiring the help of influencers or unable to attract them, here is a result-oriented guide.


    1. Introduce your brand/company.

    State your brand/company’s goals, and the areas you would like to promote, talk about yourself, and why they should promote you and your business. At the same time, adding the links to your websites, social media handles, etc. Since influencers are constantly bombarded with emails and requests from potential clients, one of the ways of standing out in the saturated market is to explain your brand widely in a brief intro.


      2. Talk about the key message of the brand. 

      Similar to the introduction, explain in detail your brand’s USP, as well as what message you want your audience to hear and know. With this, the influencer can think and create a workable CTA.

      3. The campaign overview/KPI. 

      Make the goals of your brand known in the brief, as well as a clear overview of your social media channels, the number of posts, the affiliate links, hashtags, etc. Let the influencer understand the engagement he/she has to ensure before signing up for the job. You also need to be able to calculate the success or failure of each campaign to help you restrategize for future collaborations. 

      4. Be clear on the deliverables. 

      Take care to include the instructions of the collaboration extensively. From the number of Instagram/Facebook posts, intervals per post, deadlines, and due dates. This is also the section where you state the accompanying requirements of the deliverables, like the landing pages, hashtags, affiliate links, etc., and all you need from the influencer. 

      5. Be clear on the theme, content, and voice/tone. 

      What style do you wish to use or how would you like to sound to your audience? Depending on your brand, you may choose a classy theme and tone if your brand is a fashion line or exotic, if it is hospitality, whatever you sell, ensure you have your ideas clear on the brief. This will attract the right influencer for your brand. You can also

      add a sneak peek of your content, let’s say a close-up shot of the product or anything that will explain your ideal concept to the influencer at a glance.

      6. Campaign dos and don’ts. 

      Highlight the various guides you want your influencer to note. The things to avoid in every post and the much they can go with their creativity to the campaign. This will help you both to stay on the same page when working together.

      Final Thoughts

      Finally, allow some flexibility for a good campaign. Some influencers cannot meet their campaign expectations due to creativity constraints and strict rules. As good as a brief is for a guide, encourage them on the freedom of creativity, and tell them to share any idea(s) they think will be helpful to the campaign as often as possible. 

      You can also get this influencer marketing campaign brief template to help streamline your goals and communicate them clearly to the influencer. This way, there is no room for misunderstanding and the process can flow seamlessly

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