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Collaborating with social media influencers is one of the most effective digital marketing trends these days. Brands are roping in content creators with a sound follower base to promote their brands and services. 

Now, Tiktok as an app has been enjoying massive popularity among people across various age groups, demography, ethnicity, and socio-economic backgrounds. With its latest feature called TikTok Creator Marketplace, it is bringing content creators and brands together.

What is Tiktok Creator Marketplace?

Tiktok Creator Marketplace or TCM got introduced in 2020. It works as an analytics tool to identify the engagement reach, views, and demographics of an influencer. A brand can easily choose a content creator for collaboration by assessing these pieces of information. In simpler words, the Tiktok creator marketplace for creators will show a profile of the content creators, including data such as the number of likes, shares, and comments.

Now, it’s time to find an answer to your question of how to join Tiktok Creator Marketplace. The official collaborating platform for collaborating brands and influencers is not accessible to general users. Tiktok is using an “exclusively invitation-based experience system” via social media. In simpler words, Tiktok will send you an invitation for signing up to TCM if you meet the Tiktok Creator Marketplace eligibility criteria. 

On the other hand, if you are a brand, you have to make a Tiktok Creator Marketplace application through the website.

Am I Qualified to Join Tiktok Creator Marketplace as an Influencer?

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To join Tiktok Creator Marketplace as an influencer by invitation, you will need to have the following Tiktok Creator Marketplace qualifications. 

  1. More than 100k followers
  2. 3 Videos posted in the last 28 days
  3. Aged 18 years or above
  4. More than 100k video likes in the last 28 days

  • Knowing the Potential Value as an Influencer: 

Once you are on the Tiktok Content Marketplace as an influencer, you should assess and know your worth. For that, you can use a reliable Tiktok Creator Marketplace rate calculator tool. Usually, the leading rate calculator tools for TCM consider your number of followers, the engagement and conversion rates of your content to determine how much you can charge per post. 

The influencers on Tiktok are divided into various categories. Check out the table below to know about different types of influencers on TCM and how much they charge per post usually. 

Type of Influencer

Number of Followers 

Charge Per Post
















However, based on the eligibility criteria, TCM is the best collaboration platform for mid-tier, macro, and mega influencers. 

Further, to end your concern in reference to the “Tiktok marketplace gone” instances last year, we can say that it is a matter that is flagged by a handful of users as compared to the huge influencer community on Tiktok.  To have a transparent idea, you should always try to know how the Tiktok Creator Fund works. It will never intentionally suppress your content, but as a creator, you should also have the temperament to accept a little decline in your reach, owing to surging competition.

How to Apply for Tiktok Creator Marketplace as a Brand?

If you are a brand, applying for creating an account on TCM is quite similar to setting up any other social media profile. You just need to provide a phone number and e-mail ID to get started. However, the main challenge begins after signing up as you try to find the right content creator for your brand. You need to follow a few steps before you collaborate with an influencer. Keep reading on.

  • Use the creator filter to find the country and region of the creator.
  • Find the topic or niche an influencer covers by using the creator filter.
  • Figure out the number of followers an influencer has through the creator filter.
  • Know the average views of the previous content posted by the influencer by using the creator filter. 
  • Click on the e-commerce anchor feature or the link in a creator’s content that directs to the product page or external landing page of any brand.
  • Use the audience filter to find where the audience base of a particular influencer is located.
  • Find a creator based on the audience filter to know the age group an influencer is catering to.
  • Try to know the devices the audience of an influencer is using majorly.
  • You also need to refer to the descriptive bio or profile summary of a creator.
  • Then, you will have to analyze the likes, shares, views, or the core metrics of the last 30 videos of an influencer.
  • As a brand, you will also have to check the engagement rate and sample videos of an influencer.
  • Finally, follow the performance trends of an influencer to know the prediction about his/her audience trajectory based on recent engagement rates.

Once you have found the best influencer after considering the above-mentioned points, you can send him/her a message, mentioning:

  1. The Name of the Campaign
  2. Details about Your Brand and Collaboration Opportunities
  3. Negotiable Talent Fee
  4. Contact Information


The Tiktok Creator Marketplace is useful for brands as it provides authenticated data about the influencers, and enables the brands to reach out to the influencers directly. Further, it allows brands to track and analyze all campaign results in one place by using a campaign reporting tool. Also, it is a great platform for influencers to get recognized and paid for their content using a great resource that they will not come across on most other social media platforms.


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