Top 30 Instagram Models You'd Want to Follow in 2022

Instagram is like the Big Bang of the high life! It has given birth to thousands of stars in the fashion galaxy, and keeps expanding! Lighting up the world of photo-socials with their charming presence, the hottest models on IG often command millions of followers.

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By Armand Mañibo

Top Instagram Models | Armful Media

They influence everything from fashion, parenting, travel, and even your cup of morning joe. If you want to make your name as an IG model, take cues from top influencers. 

Here's your inspiration list on how to become an Instagram model.

Followers: 15.2 million 

Modeling from the age of 13, she is already an industry veteran! Although she no longer belongs to the sphere of 12 year old models, Alexis is a familiar name in fashion. Her Insta bio is a simple reminder that true beauty is born in mind, and a life well-lived.

Followers: 14 million 

She is the kind of girl who could probably command a few extinction events among men folk! No wonder that she was cast in lead roles at apocalyptic movies such as Mad Max: Fury Road and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. A Victoria’s Secret ‘angel,’ she is one of the hottest British models on the planet.

Followers: 4.2 million 

She is a force of nature, but she is not sierra storm Instagram. She is Sierra with three cute a’s and Skye with 2 e’s! Sierra Skye is a lovely vision among Instagram bikini models. She has been an Instagram native since it was here that her identity was born. The petite beauty is easily mistaken as a 15 year old model, but she is actually 22.

Followers: 12.9 million 

She set foot in the modeling world at age 13 and was the first Australian Victoria’s Secret angel. Having graced numerous high-profile campaigns, Miranda is one of the most famous models, even in 2021. 

Followers: 13.6 million 

Gisele is a fashion legend, even before the era of Instagram! The eccentric Alexander McQueen christened her as ‘The Body’ at the Spring 1998 “rain” show in London.

Followers: 36.1 million 

She is a popular model on the job of making America great again! She was the cover girl for the 2014 annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Chrissy is one of the most famous Instagram models female.

Followers: 1.5 million 

This handsome man did not have to look back since winning the 2008 Ford Men’s Supermodel of the World. He is an appreciated name in men’s fashion, having worked with brands such as Dior Homme, Armani, and Gucci.

Followers: 4.7 million 

A top influencer in androgynous fashion, Alexa Chung launched her eponymous fashion line in 2016. The British diva has been in several music videos with artists such as Holly Valance, Westlife, and Delta Goodrem. Her career set off as a teen model for notable brands like Sony Ericsson. 

Followers: 4.2 million 

Her fame as a makeup artist started from YouTube before spilling over to the IG world. Her makeup endorsements kind of carry an absolute value for hordes of girls around the world.

Followers: 2.9 million 

The “It” boy of Gen Z, Luka also owns a creative production company called “Hot Mess.” The fashion icon gained a lot of social traction from his 2018 relationship with Kourtney Kardashian.

Followers: 2.7 million 

One of the most beautiful Instagram girls, Morrone, is the sweetheart of Leonardo di Caprio. She calls Al Pacino her stepfather, and is both a model and an actress.

Followers: 6.8 million 

The Victoria’s Secret ‘angel’ has kept going strong since her 2011 debut. She was still a name to reckon in almost every list of hottest models 2020.

Followers: 788k

She may not be a macro-influencer yet, but people love her for her social consciousness. The natural beauty from the UK is often seen inspiring people to take up the cause of climate activism.

Followers: 202 million 

A Kardashian, Kendall’s follower base is bigger than some of the smaller countries of the world! She can command up to $400,000 for a single post, literally setting a benchmark for aspiring influencers.

Followers: 43.5 million 

Another IG macro-influencer, Cara, started modeling when she was just 10. She later shifted focus to acting and as a writer of young adult fiction.

Followers: 71.3 million 

Born to the famous model Yolanda Hadid, Gigi had her first assignment at just 2 years old. Just like the famous @clementstwins sisters, known as the most beautiful twins in the world 2020, she and her sister Bella make for a powerhouse combo. Gigi and Bella are not twins, though.

Followers: 47.6 million 

Following the footsteps of her elder sister, Bella is also a fashion icon. She has modeled and appeared on the covers of almost all major fashion brands. Both sisters began their careers at the elite IMG models agency.

Followers: 28.6 million 

Emily rose to fame by appearing in popular music videos. You can find her in the videos of “Love Somebody” by Maroon 5 and “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke. She was named the fourth sexiest woman on the planet by FHM. 

Followers: 16.3 million 

How does it feel to model for a $10 million “Royal Fantasy Bra”? You need to follow the life of Victoria’s Secret agent Candice Swanepoel to know that! Her career began after being spotted at age 15 in a Durban Flea Market by a model scout.

Followers: 13.6 million 

The mysterious Adriana Lima is the longest-running model for Victoria’s Secret. The 36-year-old Brazilian is an IG enigma, and one of the highest-paid models globally.

Followers: 39.4 million 

The 21 -year old was crowned as the Most Beautiful Woman of the World by Maxim Magazine in 2017. She is a regular in the celestial runaways of New York, Milan, and London.

Followers: 5.4 million 

She is a famous Instagram Asian model, the first Asian to be on Forbe’s list of highest-paid models. She is also the first Chinese woman to walk in Victoria’s Secret lingerie. Being the first Chinese model to grace the front cover of the American Vogue, Liu casts a huge influence on Instagram Asian models

Followers: 3.1 million 

One of the most famous male models, he was the first to feature on the cover of L’Officiel Hommes magazine in 2008. His career began at age 18 as the face of Just Cavalli.

Followers: 323k

Blondey may not be a macro influencer, but is already a sort of cultural icon for many UK youth. He is an artist, model, and passionate skateboarder.

Followers: 2 million 

She is a true world citizen, born in Germany, and now living in Australia. Besides being a successful model, she is a lawyer by profession. Muehlenbeck is also an entrepreneur. No wonder that she has a considerable influence on girl models everywhere.

Followers: 2.6 million 

Just like black Instagram models cover a specific fashion niche, so do the curvy ladies. Natasha is a curvy beauty from Australia who shattered glass ceilings about typical body image in fashion by her ‘A Bikini A Day’ blog campaign. The courageous move was an immense hit, and she finally launched the MONDAY Swimwear brand with business partner Devin Brugman.

Followers: 15.1 million 

Put your hands together to applaud Ashley Graham! She is the first plus-size model to be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (2016). In an industry dominated by body image stereotypes, Ashley is a powerful inspiration to millions like her.

Followers: 9.9 million 

Can you imagine the humility of this Victoria’s Secret model introducing herself as a ‘six feet two giraffe?’ No wonder that this beautiful soul attracts millions who look up to her! She has walked the runway for almost all major fashion brands, besides appearing in several TV ads.

Followers: 17 million 

The gorgeous 24-year old Hungarian model currently lives in Asia. If you ever looked up hot models 2020, chances are you already came across her fame. She may not fit exactly the profile of Asian models in USA, but she is still very popular among her Asian peers.

Followers: 3.3 million 

Last on this list, but never the least, Lucky Blue is not your average teenage boy. Recognized instantly by his platinum blond hair, the 19-year old is a true blue fashion icon. Groomed by his three sisters and mother, all of them models, fashion flows naturally for the nonchalant Smith.


This list of famous Instagram girls and boys does not rank them in order of the number of followers. This is deliberate, just to remind you that having legions of followers on IG is not everything in life! 

Of course, it’s a lovely high, and brings a lot of success. But, you would also have to cope up with the constant spotlight on your personal life. Living up an inspirational life can be very stressful. It’s good to remember, viral fame and negative publicity are like two sides of the same coin. Staying grounded is probably the best advice you can get, and share with your followers. 

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