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Like other social media networks, TikTok also supports affiliate marketing with similar principles of operation. For affiliate marketers, TikTok is a preferred selling platform for getting across to a large, enthusiastic audience.

TikTok is one of the leading social media: it is popular and globally recognized. Advertising a product through TikTok is not limited to the Philippines. For this reason, we focus on how to use TikTok as an effective strategy for marketing.

Even though a lot of articles have been written about TikTok and how it aids Influencer Marketing, there are still some people who are perplexed by the platform’s trends and are unsure of its purpose.

Interestingly, this article will give you a deep dive into how affiliate program works on TikTok and why you should consider it. The other part includes leveraging organic traffic for maximized profits.

How does TikTok shop affiliate marketing work?

TikTok supports affiliate marketing as much as other social media platforms. TikTok is a typical selling platform because it offers affiliate marketers and final consumers multiple options. For example, a marketer can use “content tools” to create presentable videos, while potential buyers/clients rely on previous customers’ reviews.

Affiliate marketing works in four ways, each of which is embedded in TikTok protocol. For a better understanding, we will explain TikTok’s affiliate marketing using a typical advertising strategy. For example, the product creator, affiliate network, affiliate marketer, and consumer are the main bodies in affiliate marketing.

  • 1. Product creator

The product creator is the individual or company that sells the product or service. This body is vital for effective affiliate marketing. Although an affiliate marketer does not have direct control over the product created – the product affects sales and production.

The product creator is usually the body that employs affiliate marketers, and they are either the product manufacturer or retailer. The product creator plays an essential role in marketing because the product or service determines marketing productivity. An affiliate marketer cannot milk an advertising campaign if the product is not presentable.

Unlike other social media, TikTok gives users a smooth channel to advertise or create content with videos. Thus, the product should be presentable in visuals or other video concepts. The product creator should communicate with the affiliate marketer so that they can design a product that is presentable on TikTok.

  • 2. Affiliate network

The affiliate network sometimes works as a bridge between the product creator and the affiliate marketer. They are responsible for an effective marketing campaign on TikTok simply by communicating with both parties. Affiliate networks understand how TikTok works and know the right affiliate marketer they employ for jobs (based on specificity).

  • 3. Affiliate marketers

Affiliate marketers promote products or services on TikTok by uploading creative videos. The video should display the marketing goal and attract viewers. TikTok marketing campaign is unique because filters and other creative enhancers are applicable in making videos.

For this reason, affiliate marketers must deliver “enhanced marketing videos” without neutralizing the message and goal of the campaign. This affiliate marketing strategy is best practiced through “product creators and affiliate marketers” who work together to attract consumers. Potential consumers are ready to buy and will buy if you can convince them.

Affiliate marketing requires minimal commitment because a typical affiliate marketer already has an audience who trusts in them. Thus, a product creator only uses the influence of affiliate marketing to reach a large audience.

  • 4. Consumers

Finally, potential consumers view the content and videos an affiliate marketer uploads. Each process (from the product creator to the last consumer) is essential. You should learn how to make organic traffic on TikTok because you can reach the target audience through it.

TikTok Affiliate plans for sellers and creators

TikTok has ready-made affiliate options for sellers and creators: you can create products and award commissions to anyone who sells them (E-commerce seller). Likewise, you can sell products and receive a commission (affiliate marketer).

TikTok provides several plans (basic and advanced) for businesses or individuals who want to consider TikTok affiliate marketing.

TikTok affiliate plans for E-commerce sellers

  1. Shop plan

The shop plan is the basic plan: sellers create products and set a flat commission rate for all products. The affiliate marketer (TikTok content creator) can opt in and sell for a commission.

  1. Open plan

The open plan applies to all content creators: they can opt in and begin to sell products for profit. This plan is unique because “sellers” set up a “customized selling portfolio” for the product.

  1. Targeted plan

Sellers call on a particular/unique set of content creators/marketers on TikTok to market their products. Any TikTok affiliate market interested in the products can pick them up and sell them for commission.

TikTok affiliate plans for the content creator/affiliate marketers

Unlike E-commerce plans, the affiliate marketer’s plans are straightforward because the marketers engage in most of the activities.

  1. Find products

TikTok allows content creators to find products that speak their values. And these products appeal to their audience. Thus, they are products they can sell quickly.

  1. Get samples

Content creators can require samples from their respective E-commerce sellers anywhere in the world. One reason content creators require samples is to get a good taste of the products and so they can connect with the products.

  1. Sell products

The content creator/affiliate marketer can sell the products after the previous steps (listed above).

Graph showing TikTok users by Country 2023
Source: Oberlo Statistics

Why you should consider TikTok shop affiliate marketing

TikTok has over a billion monthly active users. The platform exposes your products/services to more audiences in a well-presentable manner. You can package your products and make good content via videos on TikTok.

Unlike other social media, TikTok content is mainly videos (either short or long videos). Video content expresses feelings, ideas, and messages on TikTok more than on other platforms. TikTok gives a natural enhancer to content created on the platform.

For example, users connect to the platform and engage in “video challenges,” and this continues to create exposure that is more than the original content. Marketers can use the “video challenge” to promote products and services aside from the official content made by the “affiliate marketer.”

Also, TikTok has a record of over 167 million hours of watch time (every minute) and over 42 million users in the Philippines. The social app is among the best video platforms you can rely on for effective production. TikTok satisfies users’ desires by creating a fun-filled environment, increasing watch time effortlessly.

For example, users combine pictures, sounds, and effects as a final video on TikTok. All these features, alongside the countless filters on TikTok, make the platform ideal for business promotion, among other advantages. Also, TikTok groups content/videos into categories, which is an effective method to reach the target audience.

In 2021 and 2022, TikTok was the most popular app downloaded globally. People, especially millennials, are spending more time on the application by creating content daily. Every user knows how to navigate the mobile app because it is highly user-friendly.

Users can use the “search button or category” to find the right content they want. Diversifying advertising content on this platform is easily done via the right keywords. TikTok is among the best marketing platforms for affiliate marketing if you want to gain user trust and exposure.

Maximizing organic traffic on TikTok shop affiliate marketing

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Organic traffic is by far the best way to engage the audience naturally. A TikTok influencer has several committed people and provides content that creates engagement. The product creator provides this content. As a product creator, you must work together with an affiliate marketer for your product to reach a large audience.

Affiliate marketers on TikTok must have a large audience; affiliate networks must connect with marketers with large audiences. As the creator, your product must focus on a subculture/niche.

  1. The subculture/niche

The subculture/niche is a method of classifying videos on TikTok. Individuals who are focused and do not use TikTok randomly go to the niche they prefer and get satisfying content. For example, a user interested in food may check the food niche on TikTok instead of streaming through the whole platform.

Niche and subculture increase user satisfaction and allow you to target the right audience. It will help if you employ an affiliate marketer with experience locating the right niche/subculture for your E-commerce business. Your business advert should make it to important pages of TikTok; otherwise, you cannot expose your business to substantial figures.

  1. Keep your videos short

Short videos are easy to watch compared to long videos. Users manage their data and do not always use them on TikTok or other social media. Thus, any content should not be longer than the one a user can watch without interruption.

Although short videos count, it does not mean the content should be “quality forgone.” The video should represent the marketing idea and the concept behind the campaign, even though it must not be too long. TikTok organic traffic is best achieved when a video goes viral or through a challenge.

Short videos are the ones that often go viral or are used as challenges in the platform. Aside from this, TikTok reduces “production stress” naturally since the content creator does not need much content in a minute video or thereabout. There should be a connection between the video content and the viewer.

  1. Make the first few seconds count

TikTok is saturated with fantastic content: the few seconds of your video must stand out. This is necessary because you must beat the competition. Other organizations may offer the same services as you; also, many users upload content on TikTok daily, so your video must count before it reaches the right audience.

You can achieve this by focusing on affiliate marketing through compelling content. Content creation is not simple but essential: it requires a total understanding of the business. Thus, you should be ready to communicate and carry your content creator along the journey. The secret of TikTok is good content: find the content and make money!

  1. Leverage popular hashtags

Popular hashtags are the main deal in TikTok because they push your content to the primary audience. The hashtags are the “keywords” users search for on the platform. “Hashtags” are straightforward and direct you to the right audience.

Anyone who searches for “food in local Philippines” is interested in the local foods around the Philippines. So, if the content about “local Philippine foods” pops up, the user may click on it. Hashtags also give an idea of the content an affiliate marketer will promote.

  1. Use trending audio to your advantage

TikTok has a culture called “trending audio.” Trending audio is often users’ main focus. Learn to leverage the audio content.

Marketing to Your Organic Traffic

Aside from maximizing organic traffic, an affiliate marketer should be able to blend the advert naturally into the content. All adverts should be done keeping “traditional alpha and generation Z” in mind.

Generation Z is the millennials, and they occupy most of TikTok spaces. They know how TikTok works and are ready to bypass all advertisements. Thus, your adverts should not look like one but fun and informative.

  1. The affiliate marketer should reference your products

TikTok does not allow users to put URLs directly on their videos; however, the marketer can reference your products in the video. For example, the marketer can spell out your product name or mention something about your product within the video content. Again, TikTok users are notorious for killing all ads because they are on TikTok to have fun.

So, your affiliate marketer should give the audience the fun they desire and lead them to the marketing goal. For example, a water-producing company can make a funny content video that pleases users and show the water products at the end. There are many ways TikTok helps in marketing.

  1. Add links to social media pages

You can generate organic traffic to other social media via TikTok. TikTok has billions of users, and you can maximize this figure to build company recognition.

Getting started with TikTok shop affiliate marketing

What should you do when you have learned about effective affiliate marketing on TikTok? The first thing you should do as an E-commerce business owner is to locate the right person for the job. Promotion and marketing are serious, and only qualified individuals should be considered for the job.

For example, you should look for an affiliate marketer who can deliver the desired result by checking their previous works. You may work with an affiliate marketer who has a similar experience. Before engaging an affiliate marketer, you can always discuss business, previous projects, and reviews.

As a business owner, you may push out the job offer to the world to employ the best candidate, even a freelance writer. It is possible not to have the best affiliate marketer in your area, especially if you cannot afford a Top-Notch individual. For this reason, Freelancer Affiliate Marketers are the best option.

Final Reflection

All of the aforementioned features of TikTok shop affiliate marketing play key roles in implementing an effective affiliate marketing strategy, and none should be overlooked. You shouldn’t hesitate to perform market research and evaluation before you employ an affiliate marketer. Often, an affiliate marketer does not engage in content creation but leverages the content provided.

In addition, as an E-commerce business owner, you need a creative content creator (individual or team) for your business. You can achieve the best from TikTok if your content is persuasive and attractive. Hence, your content creator must have significant knowledge of your business. This will further boost your chance of getting much-needed exposure from the platform.

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