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Top 20 Influencer Outreach Emails Ideas for Instagram and YouTube

Were you present at the dawn of the internet? Ask the email! Back then, much before the era of social media and digital streaming, online engagement basically meant emails. Also, back then, your inboxes were not bombarded with scores of emails every day.

Receiving a mail meant the world! These days, most folks just glance at the subject line and send it down the spam sink to digital oblivion.

You’ve Got Mail

Influencer marketing agencies, we feel you. Don’t worry; you are not obsolete. Trends come and go, but the email stays. You simply adapt your strategies with time and be relevant.

Emails have a huge role in influencer marketing. Brands need to establish great rapport with the influencers, and clear communication is the key. From presenting the offer to working out the details, email is a vital tool in your arsenal.   

But, there’s a catch.

You need the other person to read the mail. 

You must use catchy email subject lines for influencers.

Think up a good email subject line, amigo! Come up with something to recreate the excitement of the good’ol email. It’s got to be catchy, persuasive, and promising.

Ran out of ideas?

Don’t worry; let’s tell you what to do.

Keep reading.

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Email Subject Line Ideas from Brands to IG Influencers

Instagram is an influencer paradise. You can literally find hundreds of influencers in niches such as fashion, travel, pet care, and food. Macro-influencers have millions of followers on IG. A single post from them can catapult your brand from nothing to a household name. Also, legions of micro-influencers try to make a living off Instagram.

You can DM them with your offer. You can invite them via a comment on their posts. Better still, you can drop them an email, given that you have their IDs. This won’t be a problem because most influencers provide their mail IDs in the bio. If not, you can DM them with a request for their emails.

Check out these influencer outreach email subject line ideas.

  1. Hey! Let’s take IG by storm!
  2. Give your followers a reason to be happy!
  3. Your posts make a difference. Make it count.
  4. How about we pay you for the next five posts you make?
  5. We would love to have you in our team of top influencers.
  6. Are you ready to lead our next influencer campaign?
  7. We love your posts. Do you think you can make posts for our brand?
  8. Do you think your followers would dig this post?
  9. We value your opinion. Do you have a moment to talk?
  10. Everybody is asking about your posts. Congratulations!

Influencer Email Subject Line Ideas from Brands to YT/ TikTok Influencers

YouTube and TikTok are video sharing platforms with billions of users. Creating a video usually requires more effort than posting an image on Insta. Also, many brands think that videos can have more impact than images. Of course, you can combine both videos and images for your next influencer marketing campaign.

Look up these email subject lines to get your favorite video influencers on board.

  1. We are watching your videos on loop. Let’s work together!
  2. Do you think you can make a short video for our brand?
  3. Congratulations on a million subscribers! Now, let’s make it count.
  4. Have you checked out this latest video yet? (Send a cool influencer video in the mail body.)
  5. We like your style. We should be partners!
  6. Video alert – You don’t want to miss this offer. (Send a cool influencer video in the mail body.)
  7. We love your channel. Let’s make magic together.
  8. You are good. Join our team.
  9. Monetize your videos big time with us.
  10. Let’s take TikTok by storm!
Influencer marketing agencies

The Game-Changing Effect of Using an Influencer Marketing Platform

More and more brands are realizing the game-changing impact of a good influencer marketing strategy. It is affordable, requires minimal effort on your part, and is highly measurable. However, the key to success in any marketing method is to establish trust with the audience.

In social media, the trust factor is always a given, but it can be fragile too. Social media is great for promotions, but it is also a potential loophole of negative publicity.

Therefore, brand managers must emphasize on being accountable to the target audience via the influencers. You need to work closely with the influencers. Visit their profiles to assess levels of audience engagement. Separate the profiles in the order of engagement they can generate.

Final words

Brand marketers must focus on the conversion potential of the UGC (User Generated Content). Do the research and find the top influencers in your niche! Influencer marketing has immense potential for generating conversions, but it depends on the quality of the content. The content must be complemented with a great Call to Action to get people to take notice.


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