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Using TikTok SEO for the Growth of the Audience

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The power of TikTok content is increasing day by day as users start to realize its potential to boost their marketing strategy as well as maximize conversions. When building your audience base and gaining views on TikTok, one of the best things you can do is to develop your TikTok SEO strategy. No doubt, it can help you improve your reach and engagement in the TikTok platform.

Now, what is the best way to turn your TikTok account into a successful one? A strong SEO strategy is essential to boost the reach of your TikTok content. This will ensure that your TikTok content is being discovered by the right audience. If you are still unsure of how to adopt an SEO strategy for TikTok audience growth, don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about TikTok SEO.

What is TikTok SEO?

SEO on TikTok refers to the method to optimize TikTok videos to achieve a higher ranking in search. In the same way, you can optimize your website’s content. These strategies are also helpful to improve your TikTok videos’ search rankings not only on TikTok but also on Google. Previously, posts on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc., were not visible in Google SERPs. But now they are!

However, TikTok is never considered a search engine, but it comes with a search bar. Many TikTok users prefer to use this search bar to find different trending TikTok content. So, as a TikTok content creator, you always want your TikTok video to appear near the top of the search result when someone searches within TikTok through a keyword or hashtag.  And this is probably the reason why a proper TikTok SEO strategy on your side is important in increasing your TikTok views, likes, as well as followers. So, if you want to gain more reach and visibility on TikTok, you should consider optimizing your TikTok content for SEO.

Why is TikTok SEO Worth Investing in?

There is no doubt that SEO for TikTok is proven very effective in improving your TikTok content’s visibility and engagement. As a result, your TikTok content will get more attention from more TikTok users. With TikTok’s SEO, you can gain more followers, promote your TikTok videos more virally, and increase traffic to your video. And this is probably the reason why SEO on TikTok is worth investing in.

On the other hand, TikTok is also committed to including more features so that it can increase the discoverability of a video. You will be glad to know that a recent update increased the length of the video description field to 2200 characters from three hundred characters. In addition, on TikTok, one can edit video captions, which were previously unavailable.

The creator’s focus is to make TikTok videos more discoverable and improve connection with users through the TikTok algorithm. The TikTok algorithm works as a recommendation by gathering video information. In other words, it says what the content of the video is about and which group may feel interested in it.

TikTok SEO Ranking Factors

There are several factors TikTok considers when ranking video content. So, while understanding SEO TikTok, it is important for you to know about TikTok’s core ranking factors first.

  • User interactions

User interaction is treated as one of TikTok’s SEO ranking factors. It can include anything from videos one liked, hid, added to favorite, or watched all the way through. TikTok keeps track of all this data and serves you the best videos based on your interaction.

  • Video information

There is no doubt that the contents of a TikTok video can determine how high it will rank on TikTok. This includes everything contained in a video, such as captions, sound effects, hashtags, and music. As such, TikTok videos that contain relevant keywords in their titles and descriptions, as well as based on trending topics, will be ranked higher on the TikTok platform.

  • Devices and account settings

There are several settings TikTok applies to optimize its performance. This includes country setting, device type, language preference, and the categories of interest the user selected after signing up. It actually helps new users to view TikTok content from people in their respective countries. However, despite the fact that account settings affect the SEO TikTok rankings, they are given less weight than video information as well as user interactions.

What is not Included in TikTok SEO?

It is good to know that TikTok does not take into account the follower counts in its SEO ranking algorithm. But there are always ways for you to get more followers. It is always better for TikTok content creators to create content that communicates directly with the target audience. With this, their content is more likely to appear on the landing pages of their target audience, thereby increasing their chances of becoming the next biggest TikTok stars. Now the question is: how does SEO on TikTok work differently from traditional SEO?

How TikTok SEO Works Differently from Traditional SEO?

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There is no doubt that SEO for TikTok differs from traditional SEO in many ways. Let’s explore the difference between SEO on TikTok and traditional SEO.

  • Video versus text

One of the biggest differences between SEO TikTok and traditional SEO is TikTok SEO strategy is based on optimizing the TikTok video content. But if we look at traditional SEO, it is designed on the basis of optimizing the various text contents like articles, web pages, and blog posts.  

  • Hashtags versus keywords

If we look at how content discovery is made, traditional SEO and SEO on TikTok clearly differ. TikTok users always use hashtags while finding and discovering content. Therefore, it is important for TikTok creators to optimize their video content with popular and relevant hashtags. On the other hand, a traditional SEO approach aims to optimize the content on the basis of used keywords. These keywords have to be related to the content so that users can find the content while searching with those keywords.

  • Engagement versus ranking

The success of TikTok content usually depends on its engagement level. That means how many times a TikTok video has been liked, shared, and commented on. On the flip side, traditional SEO is designed on the basis of ranking. So, the more your content is rich in quality, the higher the chances of appearing near the top of the result pages of search engines.

So, contrary to TikTok’s SEO strategy, traditional SEO strategy aims to optimize content with keywords. No doubt, it is very important for TikTok creators to understand the above differences while optimizing their content for TikTok.

Tips on Performing TikTok SEO

We hope now you have a clear idea about TikTok SEO ranking factors and how SEO on TikTok differs from traditional SEO. But the question is: how would you start SEO TikTok? Here are some tips on performing SEO on TikTok.

  • Realize what your target audience is watching out for

Keeping the target audience in mind is very much essential for every TikTok content creator while planning and creating their TikTok content. No matter whether you are a content creator who posts graphic design tips, ideas for home improvement, or fashion ideas, you should carefully evaluate what your audience is looking for.

Now the question: how will you make content relevant to captivate your target audience? Well, you can start by finding what type of information the TikTok audience is looking for. You can also search for other TikTok creators who are publishing similar types of content.

  • Use relevant hashtags and keywords only after researching

Using hashtags before any relevant keyword has proven very effective in ranking your TikTok content. But before using this TikTok SEO strategy, you need to conduct in-depth research to determine the relevant keywords. You can even make your TikTok content enriched with Trigger words to boost its rank on the TikTok search engine.  Eye-catching Trigger words can attract your target audience effectively to your TikTok content. For example, words like effortless or no sweat can be used to make your communication easier with your audiences.

Apart from that, you can also search for the trending hashtags as per your niche, time, and popularity level in TikTok’s Creative Center. No doubt, this tool also helps you to discover currently trending songs, creators, and TikTok videos.

However, we always recommend our readers use 3 to 6-word keywords in hashtags for their TikTok content. Besides that, you can even use hashtags according to your niche.

  • Try To collaborate and build relationships with other TikTok creators

You can look into the posts of other creators in TikTok to get inspired and gain ideas. Further, researching the content of contemporary TikTok creators gives you a sneak peek at how to optimize TikTok SEO strategy. You can get ideas of which keywords you should include and develop knowledge of keywords that perform well in TikTok. In this way, you can promote your TikTok SEO in a strategic and effective way.

Apart from learning from other creators, you can also collaborate with them to hike up your engagement. However, this doesn’t directly involve working on SEO. But, it helps in TikTok influencer promotion and can be considered a smart move to get favored by the TikTok search engine.

Further, collaborating with others on a social platform like TikTok helps in building good relationships. This collaboration aids in engagement which can result in commenting on the posts of other creators and liking their content. These engaging acts help in generating TikTok audience growth and SEO as well.

  • Incorporate traditional SEO strategy while performing TikTok SEO

Optimizing SEO in TikTok alone may not be sufficient in getting your posts favored by TikTok Algorithm. You must include strategies meant for traditional SEO with SEO TikTok to gain a better reach. To do so, you can have websites where you post regular blogs where you can introduce your TikTok videos. If web blogging seems too much, you can have your own YouTube channel where you can promote your TikTok profile.

Also, one can introduce newsletters to TikTok audiences as a way to bring traditional SEO. Make sure to include content optimized with keywords and proper headings and tags in your video, no matter whichever way you practice traditional SEO.

  • Inspire Further Actions of Your Target Audience

If you are wondering how to promote on TikTok through SEO, you should never ignore the context of audiences. Incorporate keywords in your video hashtags that are most searched by common people online.

Further, one must explore how to promote only fans on TikTok and give videos apart from TikTok paid promotions. Such content gives ideas that can be implemented in hobbies or other aspects of daily life. This generates an inspiring impact and encourages the audience from your target niche to engage with your videos by liking, commenting, and sharing. The overall impact results in getting your account a higher position in the TikTok search engine.

  • Track your progress

No doubt, it is imperative to monitor and tweak the content constantly to make an SEO strategy successful. SEO for TikTok is also no exception to that. We know you will put all your best efforts into improving your TikTok SEO. But how will you determine that your efforts have been successful?

Well, it is possible to find many free and paid TikTok Analytics Tools to track your progress. Here is a list of TikTok analytics tools that have proven very effective for TikTok content creators to measure their progress.

Final Thoughts

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We hope now you have sound knowledge about how to use SEO on TikTok for the growth of the audience. Taking an SEO strategy for TikTok has grown with increasing popularity in alignment with the constant behavioral change of TikTok users. However, it is always imperative to focus on proper keyword research as well as follow other TikTok creators to get an idea of how to make consistency with the TikTok algorithm. We strongly believe when you have taken the appropriate TikTok SEO strategy, you will start to reap the benefits in a matter of time.

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