How Facebook Brand Collabs Manager Works

How Facebook Brand Collabs Manager Works

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Are you a content creator? Do you want the leading brands to discover you? Then, use Brand Collabs Manager. As an influencer or content creator, you will produce branded content, and the business that you are promoting will pay you in return. Read on to learn more about Brand Collabs Manager.

  • What is a Brand Collabs Manager?

Brand Collabs Manager is an effective tool that assists any marketer or content creator in forming business partnerships with brands. In other words, it’s a tool that allows brands and content creators to find, assess and connect with each other for a successful marketing partnership. The creators will create well-targeted, original, and intriguing content incorporating the attributes of the business/product/service they are promoting.

  • How Brand Collabs Manager Can Help Brands/Advertisers and Creators:

Before discussing how to use Brand Collabs Manager, we will discuss why Brand Collabs Manager is preferred by content creators and brands today. Besides, we will let you know Facebook Brand Collabs Manager eligibility.

  • Why is Brand Collabs Manager Beneficial for the Creators?

  1. The creators can maintain a portfolio so that the brand partners easily find them.
  2. A creator can directly get in touch with brands using the page-to-page messaging facility.
  3. The content creator can go through the project brief for a brand’s campaign before applying for it.
  4. The creators can use their assessment of the audience and performance insight to identify the best unique content created by them.
  5. This tool is advantageous as it allows creators to monitor their branded content and partnerships.

To be a Brand Collabs Manager, you must adhere to the relevant Branded Content Policies. The policies do not allow you to practice certain norms, including the ban on using roll ads or banner ads. Besides, to qualify for using this tool, you have to meet the Partner Monetisation Policies.

Furthermore, you need to have at least 1,000 followers or any of the following:

  1. 15,000 Post Engagements
  2. 1,80,000 Minutes of Views in the Last 60 Days
  3. 30,000 1-Minute Views for 3-Minute Videos in Last One Month

Along with fulfilling the above-mentioned criteria, you need to have a page that is operating in a country that is eligible, according to Brand Collabs Manager. Besides, you have to be the owner or admin of the page. Further, Facebook accounts of the creators need access to the branded content tool.

Any business owner can start a partnership with content creators, public figures, and influencers on Facebook and Instagram using the Brand Collabs Manager. The advertisers or brands thus can find the creators who meet high standards in brand safety, establishing loyal audiences and engaging followers.

  • Brand Collabs Manager Help Identify the Best Creators for Your Business:

By going through the creators’ portfolios, businesses can have detailed insights about the target audience the creators have. Thus they can choose the creators who are most suitable according to their business campaigns.

  • Simple and Unified Partnership Process:

Brand Collabs Manager helps any business run more effective and faster campaigns on an end-to-end basis. The process is easy.

  1. Find the best creators, garner permissions, and boost conversions from the content or posts created by them.
  2. Manage branded content programs from a unified platform without any cost.

The creators must create a portfolio to reach out to businesses in Brand Collabs Manager. This portfolio helps the business to learn and assess how closely its target audience matches with yours. They make the assessment based on the following criteria.

  1. Interests
  2. Gender
  3. Age Range and Others

So, the portfolio of a creator should perfectly represent his/her body of work. It should further have the following sections.

  1. Introduction
  2. Mention of Past Partnerships
  3. Audience Metrics
  4. A Post Feed that can be Filtered by Branded Content Posts
  5. Reporting Metrics Showcasing the Performance of the Previous Branded Content Posts.

Further, the creators need to go through the project briefs or official proposals shared by a brand for collaboration. Once the creators open the Brand Collabs Manager, they will get to see project briefs that they are already qualified for based on your audience.

If the creators find suitable projects, they can select Respond to revert. They can even send customized messages to showcase their interest. Finally, they can send the message and reach out to the businesses.

The businesses then will make the decisions based on the shared audience insights and creator insights of their page.

How to Search for an Influencer Using Brand Collabs Manager? (For Brands/Advertisers)

Want to start using Facebook Brand Collabs Manager? Then, sign up. Once you have signed up, you can click on “View in Brand Collabs Manager.” Now, your app dashboard will be opened, and you will get to search for influencers on Facebook and Instagram.

The creators are divided into four sections, such as:

  1. Strongest Engagement
  2. Similar to Your Past Partners
  3. New to Brand Collabs Manager
  4. Gaining Followers

Use the search tab to look for creators based on certain criteria, and filter the results based on the following.

  2. Creator Engagement Rate
  3. Views Per Video
  4. General Parameters, such as Post Type, Topic, Location, Relationship, Interests, Gender, Age

You will find all this info once you click on the profile of the influencer, you want to collaborate with for promoting your brand on Facebook or Instagram. Their profile will also have creator insights and audience insights for your perusal. If you are interested in more than one creator or influencer, you can save their profiles and contact them.

Brand Collabs Manager is huge in identifying and collaborating with the best influencers for Facebook and Instagram. Creators are the cornerstones of various communities formed on Facebook and Instagram. They inspire and influence people around the world through the content they create. Besides, they help build sustainable businesses.

  • How to Manage an Influencer Marketing Campaign Using the Tool

As a business, you can find an influencer for Facebook or Instagram through Brand Collabs Manager or through direct contact or any other third-party platform. You will get to see all the influencers who have tagged you in their posts in the “Partnership” tab. A creator or an influencer can tag you in their posts using the tag sponsor option. 

Every business can access the audience of the influencers during collaboration. Therefore, a business can use the branded content as an advertisement to create a similar audience base as the influencer. However, businesses need to choose an end date and an ad account as they request audience access.

  • Assessing the Effectivity of the Content and Influencer Partnerships:

Businesses can go to the “Insights” tab to monitor the performance of the branded content. This assessment can be done for tagged posts and stories created by the influencers and published posts by the businesses themselves.

  • Using the Boost Post button for Improving Conversions:

In this stage, the businesses get to know the kind of content that your target audience finds intriguing. In order to drive conversions, you can click on the “Boost Post” button. However, to widen audience reach and improve conversions, businesses need to implement Facebook Pixel, along with the desired tracking events.

In case a business is going for multiple partnerships, they should compare the performances to continue or put an end to any collaboration.


Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager has truly revolutionized influencer marketing. It is a free marketplace and a unified platform to create collaboration between businesses and creators or influencers. To summarize, it has made the entire influencer marketing process less tedious or time-consuming while optimizing any brand for higher ROI.

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